The Idea

The idea for Tamarack came from a desire to create the best possible products for anglers and has turned into my outlet for creating solutions to problems encountered by not only anglers but anyone with a passion for the outdoors. I try to not only solve problems, but do so in a way that enhances the experience of the outdoors with a nod to the Northwoods.

Style & Quality

Tamarack's style is a reflection of  where we come from. The Northwoods of Wisconsin, home to many tamarack swamps, has a heritage like no other. The classic feel and handcrafted nature of the Northwoods is something we try to put into all of our products. The rugged beauty of our landscapes and the majestic nature of our wildlife is something I aim to mimic with the style and quality of Tamarack’s products which will be used in these environments.

Who We Are

Tamarack was founded by me, Luke Wagner, as my way to bring my creations to life. I graduated from Marquette University and while there founded the Marquette Fishing Club as a way to bring my love of fishing and the outdoors, learned at an early age, to the Marquette community. After college, I came back to the Northwoods where my parents and brother had initially instilled these loves and decided to start Tamarack.