Tamarack Moondancer

Luke WagnerComment
We at Tamarack Fishing are proud to introduce our first lure to the world, the Tamarack Moondancer.

The Tamarack Moondancer is a family of baits which draws upon the proven fish catching abilities of several lures. Inspired by our Northwoods roots and the toothy critters that swim there, the Moondancer family is heavily influenced by the double cowgirl style of bucktail, popular in muskie fishing. Through our own experience and that of many northern anglers, we knew the effectiveness of the double cowgirl on bass while fishing for muskie. That inspired us to create a similar lure that draws on the success of the double cowgirl while making it more practical for bass fishing applications.

The process for turning this muskie staple into a dedicated bass lure began by seeing what else in the world of bass fishing on which we could base our design. We realized that the big fish reputation and similar use of the vibrating jig was a perfect place to start. Once we had established the base design, the refinement process began. Through several months of tinkering with the original design, we created the first Moondancer, the Classic 55. Integrating two size 5 Colorado blades with a ½ ounce jighead and a bass style silicone skirt, we began aggressively testing the Moondancer. Over another year of testing in all conditions from gin clear to liquid mud and mid summer to late fall and early spring, we found the Moondancer to be highly effective in all conditions. Despite this success, we felt that there was something we could do to improve the original under certain conditions. This lead to the development of the five subsequent variations. Each of these was designed to adapt the highly effective original to any situation an angler may encounter. The Classic 44, with its ½ ounce head and size 4 Colorado blades was a slightly faster or deeper option while the Light 55 with its 3/8 ounce head and size 5 blades was designed to fish shallower or slower. The Burner 44 and Deep 55 share the ½ ounce head with the Classic pairing but add a weighted lure body to the wire of the bait allowing their size 5 and 4 blades to runner deeper and faster respectively. The final variant is the Finesse 44. Designed to fish very similarly to the Classic 55, it was created as a smaller variation to appeal to pressured fish or anytime a slightly smaller profile is desired. Look for these versions of the Moondancer to be released in the coming weeks as for now the Classic 55 is our debut product.

This family of baits, through our extensive testing and placement in the hands of our trusted circle of anglers, has yielded some amazing results. In addition to the many bass we have caught on the lures, we have also had much success with pike, walleye and of course the source of our inspiration, muskies. Our founder even has used them when salmon and steelhead fishing in Lake Michigan tributaries. In short, this family of lures, the Moondancer, is capable of being used for nearly all predator species that swim in the rivers, lakes and reservoirs around the country. 

We hope to equip you on your next fishing expedition, whichever species you chase, with the Tamarack Moondancer!